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01/06/2009 12:45 am - Thiefested part 2
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 so someone posted on LJ about the thief and she emailed them saying 

I know that my english is not the most rich when it is about writing, but I have never denied using photo references (which I asked the permission to use or received from the dolls owner/custom maker), I only use them for face proportions and shadows because I find them interesting enough to make portraits of them, what I deny is when you say that my work is done by photomontage or manipulation, which is not true, if you only know the time and effort spend to create an artwork you would recognize this. The pictures that where posted on the internet are small details of my work which is intricated and more complicated than "just a bdj face". I draw dolls portraits for more than four years as others draw people's portraits because I find their face appealing and want to include them on a picture and create a full universe and story around them, with the same passion that bjd makeup artists and owners have when inventing a world for their favourite dolls. 
Most people today don't know about bjds and I do not understand why the bjd fans are trying to keep the phenomenon so private and selective, I have been meeting so many people at my art shows and described them the process of custom bjd creations, the care and patience that their owners put into them and how fascinating I find this. These people had never heard about these dolls and where very happy to discover it through me, I even herd of three of these women who decided to buy a ball jointed doll after listening to my story, and they now send me their photos so I would make a portrait of their favourite doll :)
I always thanked and credit Renata, Barbara and Tanya among other people who supported my work and enjoyed seeing my drawing interpretation of their dolls and makeup work and they do not believe that I have been stealing from them.
BJDs represent one the most interesting character aesthetic that I have seen in ages and I will keep sharing this as long as some people enjoy it.

sorry about the poor english, I hope that you understand what I am saying, I am trying to be precise and explain my point to you as I did with other people who asked me,
best regards,

Well I for one never gave her permisson to use my photos and she surely isnt my friend so wtf?
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