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Misol Svedi ([personal profile] miso) wrote2009-05-20 11:41 am

we hate we love

I recently found out about Tenso from Danny's blog. It's quite a nifty thing that will allow you to buy from Japanese online store but I will get into that more later. I was on a Japanese blog that had coverage from last Dollpa and the person who writes this blog does a lot of reviews of figures and other things. He did a Review on QUOLOMO(クゥオロモ) T-shirts and I broke into an orz ... They have some really cute items.

They have original shirts, shirts from anime and some sanrio characters like Twin Stars and Hello Kitty. They have an English website and ship world wide, I was excited that I wouldn't have to use Tenso but unfortunately most of the better items are only on the Japanese website.
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*overcome with cute*

I especially love the pink one and how it handled such a large design ^^.